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Famous Cities

Chinnalpattu Sarees and History of Chinnalpatti

Chinnalpattu sarees derive its name from the village Chinnalpatti. Chinnalpatti Is a small town in Dindigul district in Madurai zone. Surrounded by green sirumalai hills the village life is all about calm and pleasant mornings and happy, tranquil days. One would hear the sounds of birds and experience cool breeze very often. Major attractions around …

Famous Cities

Chanderi – a princely city in Bundelkhand

Chanderi, a princely city in Bundelkhand is surrounded by Vindhyachal range of mountains. It is also placed between Bhopal and Gwalior cities. Chanderi is rich with its heritage and monuments. Once the main center of trade it witnessed numerous wars and rules of many dynasties. Major rulers were Malwas, who built much royal architecture in …