About Us

Parimal Ecohub is committed to inclusive growth. Our aim is to bridge the gap between urban consumers and rural artisans, weavers. Feel the freshness and homely feeling through our handcrafted Eco-friendly clothing and accessories. These are artworks that speak volumes about our heritage and traditions! Made with immense love, patience, and innovative minds these curated hand loom treasures are for the kind hearted you! You must own these to connect with your roots. Come, let’s join hands to celebrate the colorful life bestowed upon us by Mother Earth!!

Parimal Ecohub is incorporated at Grassroot Innovations Augmentation Network, Ahmedabad i.e. GIAN under the noble leadership of Prof.  Anil Kumar Gupta.

Padmashree Prof Anil Kumar Gupta is well known for his extensive work on Grassroot Innovation, all over the world !! We are blessed and humbled to act under his path-breaking leadership!!​

Purity has a name now! It is Parimal Ecohub! Experience our range of classic art pieces! 

  • Intricately designed Heritage Handloom sarees and suits from various states of India !!
  • Skin-friendly clothing including plant fiber -bamboo, banana fiber sarees, and fabric for the sensitive you!!
  • An amazing colorful collection of Handcrafted accessories !!  ​

Our products make us stand apart !! We are for those Eco-conscious souls who realize the importance of an Eco-friendly way of life! Who carry – “The essence of India” along with them, wherever they travel !!

It is an exciting and colorful journey to explore various weaves across the country and innovate them! We would be exploring and working continuously in order to bring forth the masterpieces to your doorstep.​

Hope you would support us wholeheartedly and extend your love to our

weavers, artisans, and innovators !!​

Thank you! 

Our Philosophy

Parimal Ecohub is working towards preserving and promoting sustainable products starting with clothing. We have created this platform to support and promote handloom, handcrafted, eco-friendly clothing. This is made by our very own artisans and weavers from various parts of India.

We have embarked on this journey after realizing that enough options need to be created for urban consumers in order to opt for a sustainable lifestyle.

Preserving the nature is a necessity for our survival considering the fact that more damage is done through misuse of natural resources. Traditionally, our way of living was in tune of environment that resulted in a harmonious life. That balance need to be restored through thoughtful acts of our daily choices. It starts with a choice made by a single person that would make a strong chain eventually.​

Rural parts of India preserve the traditional art and craft forms in a sustainable way. For generations the main livelihood of these artists is dependent on the art form they have inherited.  Art is a form of meditation that requires patience, perseverance and selfless devotion.

Art is a way of celebrating life !!​

We aim to provide these art works at your doorstep in a smooth way!! So your choice matters!! Opt for products made by our innovative artists and build a lifelong bond with us !!​

  • We are committed to transparency throughout the value chain.
  • Quality and delightful customer experience are our priorities.

What makes Parimal Ecohub unique

Encouraging Weavers 

Together let us appreciate and contribute the weavers for the beautifully handcrafted clothing. Parimal Ecohub understands the importance of sustainable fashion and we contribute significantly towards well-being of our weavers and artisans.

Extending Sustainable Fashion

We intend to encourage the traditional roots of clothing and bring the efforts of rural artisans and weavers to the urban consumers. Our products are handcrafted eco-friendly clothing that supports sustainable fashion and speaks about our heritage and traditions.

Parimal Plantation Program

Nature needs recovery and we are glad for our initiative to plant a tree for every purchase of Parimal products. Our mission is to plant 1 million trees by 2030 as a nature conservation program.

Support NGOs’ 

The major part of your product purchase extends the great initiatives of Non-Governmental Organizations. We care about the great NGOs ’ initiatives and provide our support for their extensive contribution to society.